Re Roof

Replacing your roof is a major undertaking. It’s expensive, time consuming, and can make you struggle with several decisions from which style of profile to use to how the colour will impact your curb appeal. A roof is more than just the hat that makes your home appear finished, however; it’s what helps protect your home from the elements.

Knowing If You Need A New Roof

Signs you need a roof replacement can be anything from minor leaks or damp ceilings/walls, loud or banging noises when windy, appearance of rust or lichen built up over numerous years or simply the age of the current roof can all be factors contributing to the fact a roof replacement is a must.


Will there be a warranty?

All of our work is covered by a 10 year manufacturers warranty on materials. In the event of a new roof leaking we ensure to comeback if needed and ensure it is watertight for you.

Do you only do steel roofing?

Yes, at this stage we only lay new steel roofs. We can however remove most types of existing roofs.

Do you have finance arrangements?

We don’t currently have direct financing options. Often customers go to their banks or specialist lending institutions when finance is needed. For that we are happy to provide a quote to help.

Are You Qualified?

All of our roofers are experienced and qualified. Matt holds his National Certificate in Metal Roof and Wall Cladding.

Removing Your Existing Roof

We are able to remove all types of roofs and replace them with a good sturdy steel roof. Some existing material takes longer to remove then others and some my require the services of a builder.

Let Us Help

Here at Coverall Roofing, Matt and the team have the knowledge and understanding of all these factors and can guide you in the right direction to having an aesthetically pleasing and warrantable roof with workmanship warranties lasting 5 years or more.

Areas We Service

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